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Calendar of Events

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Calendar of Events

2023 From Events Distance AAA
Sun 26 Nov Cheadle A Cheshire Safari 166 km    
Sat 16 Dec Bromley Cross Bromley Cross to Appley Bridge 34 km (65 km)    
Sun 17 Dec Bredbury Winter Solstice 201 km    
2024 From Events Distance AAA
Sat 06 Jan Bradwell A Hopey New Year 104 km
Sat 20 Jan Appley Bridge Appley Bridge to Irlam 33 km (67 km)    
Sun 28 Jan Cheadle Newport 200 km    
Sun 11 Feb Cheadle Radway Century  tbc  153 km    
Sat 17 Feb Irlam Irlam to Airport 29 km (48 km)    
Sat 09 Mar Hope Spring in the Peak 106 km 2   
Sun 10 Mar Winsford Scouting Mam Tor 200 km
Edale Run 167 km
Sat 16 Mar Airport Airport to Hazel Grove 32 km (51 km)    
Sun 24 Mar Poynton Chirk 200 km    
Budworths 115 km    
Wed 03 Apr Marple East Peak & Winnats  tbc  108 km
Wed 03 Apr Marple An Icecream Wensdae  tbc  109 km    
Sun 07 Apr Poynton Peak Audax AGM  tbc     
Sat 13 Apr Poynton Plains 310 km    
Sat 20 Apr Hazel Grove Hazel Grove to Hadfield 37 km (55 km)    
Sat 27 Apr Caton Stumped and Dented 202 km
A Bit Dented 152 km    
Barely Dented 103 km    
Sat 18 May Whalley It's Grim up North 207 km
It's a Bit Grim up North 100 km
Dinting to Littleboro 45 km (78 km)    
Sun 19 May Cheadle Eccleshall  tbc  209 km    
Sat 25 May Poynton Llanfair PG 407 km    
Sat 15 Jun Velodrome Manchester Sightseer (N/S) 64 km    
Sat 29 Jun Whalley A Trip to the Beach 300 km    
A Quick Trip to the Beach 200 km    
Sat 06 Jul Poynton A Pair of Kirtons 605 km    
Sat 20 Jul Velodrome Manchester Sightseer E/W 61 km    
Wed 31 Jul Marple Dark Peak  tbc  106 km 2   
Wed 07 Aug Marple Mid Peak  tbc  106 km
Wed 14 Aug Marple West Peak  tbc  103 km
Sat 17 Aug Strines Littlebro to Brompton Cross 40 km (66 km)    
Wed 21 Aug Marple White Peak  tbc  103 km
Wed 28 Aug Marple Staffs Peak  tbc  110 km
Wed 28 Aug Lancaster The Pendle Witch Trial 200 km 4   
A Bit of a Trial 100 km 2   
Sat 21 Sep Strines Ashton to Altrincham 33 km (57 km)    
Sun 29 Sep Diggle Beard Cup Hill Climb  tbc     

Preparing to start from Cheadle
Our rides are open to all cyclists, and you do not have to be a member of Peak Audax in order to take part in the rides. Members of Audax UK and Cycling UK enter these events at the Members' Rate, but non-members are welcome too with a supplement to the Entry Fee of £3.00; this gives you temporary membership of Audax UK for the duration of the event, which means that if you are a UK resident, you will have 3rd party insurance for the duration of the event.

An autumn ride

Time for a quick brew before the ride